Max Kade Heim Stuttgart
Germany, Baden-Württemberg

Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus


The first hall of residence, comprising of 16 floors, built in Stuttgart, is the oldest Max-Kade house in Germany.

The “most beautiful hall of residence in the world” (this is how the students describe it on their own website- is run by self-administration. The tenants are organized into a council with 12 members, who allocate further positions.

On the website there is a mini Kade guide, a guestbook, a picture gallery, as well as detailed information regarding Max Kade himself and the history of the hall of residence.

Location and architecture

Very close to the Stuttgart University. The façade was built in 1953 using building rubble cement and is still in its original state. The Max Kade house is situated at the eastern corner of the Hoppenland cemetry, where the former Beinerhäuschen was situated until its destruction in WW2.


Furniture, bathroom/ toilet, central heating, kitchens, Internet connection, cable TV connections, common rooms, cellar room for bicycles, washing and drying rooms, balconies

Extras: sauna, darkroom, café on the roof, cellar room for functions, workshop, board games room, disabled car park

Location and Address

Max Kade Heim Stuttgart
Holzgartenstrasse 9A
70174 Stuttgart

In Responsibility of

Studentenwerk Stuttgart
Höhenstraße 10
70736 Fellbach


built 1952/ 1953

Places available