Max Kade House Darmstadt
Germany, Hesse

Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus
Bilderstrecke Haus


“fair” means fairness and living well together in a friendly and harmonious way – exactly like fair play in games and sports events, which are taking place in the stadium across the street. This also offers the opportunity to train in various different sports, due to a variety of training options being in close proximity to the “Max Kade Haus”. There are many different sports facilities such as a pool, a number of gymnasiums, an outdoor climbing forest, as well as the TU Sport and Health Center, a sports hall for climbing (managed by the “Deutscher Alpenverein”), and last but not least the soccer stadium “Böllenfalltor”. They offer great possibilities for making sports and watching tournaments and games. Highlights are the track, the green “Lichtwiesenweg” a hallmark for the outdoor area, and the big common room that has pictures from different kinds of sports designed by the artist Erik Pfeiffer.

Location and architecture

The “Max Kade Haus” is part of the housing complex “fair” (4 buildings altogether). It is located in walking distance to the “Campus Lichtwiese” and in just 5 minutes the tram will take you to the city center. Nevertheless, it is conveniently placed to the outskirts of the city and close to nature. Cycling tours and hiking trips are readily available. Accordingly, attention was paid to being environmentally friendly and there are many possibilities above and below ground to park your bicycle.

Location and Address

Max Kade Haus Darmstadt (Wohnanlage „fair“)
Nieder-Ramstädter-Straße 122-128 A
64287 Darmstadt

In Responsibility of

Studierendenwerk Darmstadt
Alexanderstraße 4
64283 Darmstadt


Completed in October 2012

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